Belfort Knocked Down Franklin

Belfort really did knocked down Franklin and my prediction was right! Congratulations to Vitor Belfort for winning the Ultimate Fighting Championship 103 main event. The results summary of UFC 103 fight cards is available below.
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Number One Vs Numero Uno

Congratulations to the number one for defeating the numero uno! The undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. won against Juan Manuel Marquez via unanimous decision. Mayweather outlanded Marquez 290-69, 59% to 12% on the punches, reports said. Here are the official scores from the judges. William Lerch gave 118-109, Bert Clements gave 120-107 and Dave Moretti gave 119-108.
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2009 US Open Tennis Highlights

4 days to go before the finals! The US Open 2009 Tennis Championship is one of the most awaited sports event this year! Everyone is so excited to watch every episode of the US open and everyone is really eager to know who will be the US Open 2009 Tennis Champion this year.
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The Surrogates: Do you already have one?

Another must-see film this year is The Surrogates, starring Bruce Willis as Agent Greer, a FBI agent who investigates the murder of others’ surrogates. This film is a 2009 science fiction movie directed by Jonathan Mostow, director of Terminator: Rise of the Machines and U-571. Everybody can’t wait for the release of it after watching its terrific trailer.
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