Malware Hides Behind ‘Angry Birds Space’

All the time we should be very cautious. Everything that comes from an unknown source should be treated dangerous no matter how inviting it may seem. Malwares and viruses are usually hidden from too-good-to-be-true offers but in the end, it will just lead you to opening your portals for harmful links.

Just recently, an organization lead by SophosLabs analyst Graham Cluley, discover a malware that has been hidden behind a new version of the famous Roovio mobile’s “Angry Birds” called “Angry Birds Space”.

The game has become the game of the tech world ever since it was introduced and some people might not be able to distinguish which one is a legit version.

Basically the game is not an official Google Play (formerly Android Market) game. It came from a third party source that Cluley refused to name.

“The Trojan horse, which Sophos detects as Andr/KongFu-L, appears to be a fully-functional version of the popular smartphone game, but uses the GingerBreak exploit to gain root access to the device, and install malicious code.” – This is what you get the time you would download the game from the unknown source.

Eventually the Trojan is connected to a remote website that would further install malwares into the infected Android smartphone.

Twittezens Saved The Life Of A Carjacked Man

At this era, most of us are all eyes on our smartphones or perhaps on our laptops to check our social networking sites. Our day can’t be complete without checking it out.

There are even some users that are sharing almost everything that they’re doing, from the food they’re eating, places they’re visiting and whole a lot more. Being able to have this comfort at this time, there is no doubt that with proper usage, these social networking can be the best tool to solve crimes.

Just like what happened to a man on Johannesburg last Saturday. While on the road, he was stopped by two armed men and forced him to get inside his trunk. He was fortunately carrying his cellphone and texted his girlfriend about what happened. Instead of asking help to the police, she tweeted the incident: “Be on the look for DSS041GP. my boyfriend has just been hijacked and is in the boot please RT [retweet].” One of her friends forwarded the tweet to to @PigSpotter, a Johannesburg-based Twitter user known for posting messages about speed traps and roadblocks set up by local police.

From then on, the tweet reached the authorities and 2 hours later, the car has been found and drove to a roadblock. The carjackers escaped on foot but the man on the trunk was rescued safely.

There are however downsides on this great technology. It can also be a means of spreading scams and harmful information. Everyone should be responsible on everything that they’re sharing.

Apple Inc’s Former CEO Gets A Star In The Entrepreneur Walk Of Fame

No wonder Steve Jobs wold be included in the Entrepreneur Walk Of Fame. Among the famous businessmen in the country, Steve Jobs is one of those who has been followed all the time. His words has become the most important information for all the gadget enthusiasts.

Jobs together with Steve Wozniak, Mike Markkula, and others, designed, developed, and marketed one of the first commercially successful lines of personal computers, the Apple II series. He served as its CEO from 1997 until 2011 and stepped because of health related issues.

Kauffman Foundation launched the Entrepreneur Walk Of Fame to give credit to those notable businessmen who has brought great impact to the country’s economy. Now that it is still starting, they’ve only focused on US entrepreneurs and considered those who had actually run innovative companies that had created a minimum of $1 billion in value.

However, it shouldn’t become the only basis of the selection, maybe they should also consider its impact to the society and how it changed the lives of the people. Somehow it will give chance to those social entrepreneurs like Chris Bech who isn’t creating buzz but has contributed that much help in the community that he is located.

2 Weeks Left For the Verdict

Only 2 weeks to go for the proclamation of the Busby SEO Challenge winner. We still don’t know yet what will happen next. I’m on page 1 in .COM.PH and page 4 on .COM. There’s only less than 50% chance for me to win this race, or be included in the top 10. But, I still do hope to out rank others and pull my position near to the top spot. I’m going up, but too slowly and not too sure. Haha!

Let’s see what will happen in the last 15 days of the Busby SEO Challenge Race. I’m still busy with my Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Video SEO project, that’s why I can’t compete with these tough guys / SEO Gurus in the world wide web. I failed in the last SEO Contest that I joined, but that failure thought me a lot of SEO lessons, I think this second failure will bring me another array of skills to be injected in my brain.

I admin that I didn’t do my best in this contest, because even if I did there’s still a very little chance to win this game. I’m not thinking negatively, I’m just thinking in a realistic manner. But miracles still happen. Let’s see what happens next.

I will not rely on miracles, I will rely in the mere fact that I can still do this even if myself and my spirit is hopeless. Hehehe. Good luck to all the Filipinos who joined this race! Make our fellow Pinoys and our country proud!

It’s Almost The End

The Busby SEO Challenge will soon come to its doom. We’re not sure yet who will win, but for sure, there will only be one winner, unless a miracle could alter its fate and more than one winner will occur. I’m excited at the same time, not so excited because I didn’t exert much effort to win this game and maybe… I’ll be on the top spot for no reason. No backlinks, no bookmarks, no anything.

Only a miracle right now could pull me up to the first page of Busby SEO Challenge. As for now, all I can say is Busby SEO Challenge rocks and I’m very sleepy right now that’s why I can’t think of something to write. I just type in my keyboard what my fingers wants to press. My brain was not helping my hands and my hands was not cooperating with my brain. But, technically my brains still works, because without my brain, I will not be able to type this Busby SEO Challenge thing.

So, once again, good luck to all of the participants of the Busby SEO Challenge! Win or Lose, Lose or Win, Busby SEO Challenge is still Busby SEO Challenge.

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