Surprised With Busby

I was surprised that my Busby SEO Challenge blog ranked in Google again. I wasn’t expecting for it to rank anymore because I don’t have to guts to do some serious optimization again. Hehe. But now, I think I should build links again and hope to make it to the first page in I’m now back on the 5th page for .COM and 1st for .COM.PH, which is a very good sign. I’m did nothing, but I ranked. Yey!

I’m Glad I’m Back!

I was worried last week because this domain was de-indexed from Google even if you search for site contents only. It’s completely gone for 1 week but it’s now back and on Page 3 even if I did nothing yet in my blog, which is a good sign of going up and nearer to the top spot. I hope I can still do well in this SEO Challenge by Busby. There’s only a month and 2 weeks left before the verdict. SEO Sphere is still the current leader of this SEO contest and their position in the top spot was so stable, let’s see what will happen when the contest will near its verdict.

Once again, good luck to all of the participants, I hope you enjoy SEOing your blog in the “Busby SEO Challenge” 2008 SEO World Cup!

New Domain for Busby SEO Challenge

I have noticed that my old domain didn’t rank well in the SERPs that’s why I changed it to a new domain. I mean, a subdomain under a new domain name. The main reason why I changed it is because my main domain was experiencing a Google 61 phenomenon. All of my pages was moved to page 61 and all I can do is nothing but move to a new domain and just 301 redirect my old domain here to get some of my old domain juice to my new domain.

Good luck to all Filipino contestants of the Busby SEO Challenge: The 2008 SEO World Cup! Yehba!

I’m Now on the road of SERPs!

I was surprised because this web blog was indexed after a few hours and was now on the third page in .COM and 1st page in .COM.PH. Well, I guess this was just the so-called beginner’s luck. Let’s see how can I fair this game after a few weeks. This is all for now. Just a small, nifty update on my Busby SEO Challenge entry. Good luck to all the participants and good luck to all of the Filipinos who participated in this World SEO Cup. Yey!

Busby SEO Challenge Introduction

Welcome to the Busby Web Solutions Search Engine Optimisation World Cup!

A new and exciting SEO Challenge is taking place among SEO specialists, guru’s, and masters across the World to take a shot of the pot money worth $5,000 for the key phrase “Busby SEO Challenge”.

Entrants will be given 3 months to use their best endeavours to optimise a key phrase so that it appears as high as possible on, when that particular key phrase is searched for. The winner will be the person whose site is ranked the highest, when that particular key phrase is searched for, on 31st August 2008, 12:00 midday, Perth, Western Australia. The runner up 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be awarded to those two entrants whose site is ranked the second and third highest.

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