Different Algorithms of Different Search Engines

Almost all search engines had the same algorithm except exclusive search engines like Cuil and Powerset. I still can’t understand what’s the basis of Cuil until now. While in Powerset, you can only search Wikipedia articles and nothing more. It’s like a separate search engine built for Wikipedia and only for Wikipedia. Even if Wikipedia has their own search form, Powerset still strives to exist to be an exclusive search engine for Wikipedia. But I have nothing against Powerset, because it’s cooler and was pimped up with great features and enhancements compared to the normal Wikipedia search form.

Other major search engines such as Live, Yahoo and Google had also similar algorithms. The number of links pointing to one permalink or domain is a great factor in ranking a specific web page. However, as what I observed in Yahoo search, they manually add websites to rank higher if they think that the specific website is a more reliable source of a certain information that users are trying to find.

As per my observation, they give more importance to reliable news websites such as Philstar.com, In case you are looking for board exam results in the Philippines, which is good and better compared to Google. But if you compare Yahoo and Google, Google has a more intuitive, faster and intelligent search bot compared to Yahoo. Faster in the sense that when there’s a fresh page containing a specific keyword where people are trying to find, that specific page will rank higher compared to the old page. Subsequently, Google will then check the value of the page/websites through the number of high quality dofollow links that points to that specific page. Regardless of the anchor text, Google will still consider that link as one of the factors to determine it’s ranking for the specific keyword.

When I said “regardless” I don’t mean that anchor text is not that important. The anchor text of a specific permalink still contributes a great factor in determining how that keyword is optimized. For instance, you are trying to rank the keyword “Free Laptops” you need to have an anchor text of “Free Laptops” but not all of it should have an anchor text of “Free Laptops”. You can also use an anchor text of “Laptops” and Google will still consider that as a link the points to a specific page.

Live search engine has a unique algorithm compared to Google and Yahoo. Even if they still consider that number of dofollow and high quality backlinks, they also consider that website’s age or the domain’s age in determining which websites has a higher or lesser value. If you have a link from an old website and from a new website. The older website will have a higher value compared to the newer website. But if the old website has lesser incoming links compared to the new website, the new website will have a higher value compared to the old one. But, if they had the same number of incoming links, the old website will be more important to Microsoft’s search bot.

That’s all for now. I’ll be writing more about the comparison of different search engine algorithms soon.

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