It’s Almost The End

The Busby SEO Challenge will soon come to its doom. We’re not sure yet who will win, but for sure, there will only be one winner, unless a miracle could alter its fate and more than one winner will occur. I’m excited at the same time, not so excited because I didn’t exert much effort to win this game and maybe… I’ll be on the top spot for no reason. No backlinks, no bookmarks, no anything.

Only a miracle right now could pull me up to the first page of Busby SEO Challenge. As for now, all I can say is Busby SEO Challenge rocks and I’m very sleepy right now that’s why I can’t think of something to write. I just type in my keyboard what my fingers wants to press. My brain was not helping my hands and my hands was not cooperating with my brain. But, technically my brains still works, because without my brain, I will not be able to type this Busby SEO Challenge thing.

So, once again, good luck to all of the participants of the Busby SEO Challenge! Win or Lose, Lose or Win, Busby SEO Challenge is still Busby SEO Challenge.


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  1. kaya pa yan jehz! still have time! build links na! :) ur still one the first page! hrrhrhrhr move ur ass already!

    Comment by lutz suarnaba — August 12, 2008 #

  2. typo *on pala hehehe

    Comment by lutz suarnaba — August 12, 2008 #

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