Kimbo Slice vs Roy Nelson Video Fight Replay

Undoubtedly, this is the most viewed and the hottest The Ultimate Fighter episode ever in the history of TUF. Kimbo Slice was defeated by Roy Nelson and this is really unbelievable. Everybody expects Kimbo Slice to win this match, but unfortunately, he was defeated by Roy Nelson. The Season 10 Episode 3 of TUF is really worth watching.

You can download the replay video of Kimbo Slice vs Roy Nelson TUF Episode 3 Season 10 be clicking the download link below:
» Kimbo Slice Vs Roy Nelson Fight Video [13.2 MB]

Here’s an interesting quote from MMA Mania:

Fight was a monumental letdown, as it appears nothing has changed since the last few times we saw Kimbo. We just happen to know him a little better. While he’s undoubtedly a nice guy, he has a long way to go before he can be considered a mixed martial artist.

Roy Nelson defeats Kimbo Slice via TKO. This is yet another historical event in the history of The Ultimate Fighter!

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