Pacquiao Vs Hatton Updates

pacquiao-vs-hatton-live-streamThe Manny Pacquiao Vs Ricky Hatton Fight is coming a few days from now! The Battle of East and West also known as Pacquiao Vs Hatton Live Stream or Hatton Vs Pacquiao Live Stream is coming this May 3, 2009! This is undoubtedly the most awaited boxing event this May!

Ricky Hatton vs. Manny Pacquiao, also billed as The Battle of East and West, is a boxing light welterweight superfight for the International Boxing Organization (IBO) and The Ring light welterweight (super lightweight) championship. The bout will be between Manny Pacquiao of General Santos, Philippines and Ricky Hatton from Stockport, United Kingdom.

Everyone is excited to watch this most awaited bout, including me of course. Live streaming videos and sites will be available again on May 3, 2009. Everyone, specially the fans of Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquiao will watch this fight. This is the day when the earth will really stood still. The battle of east and west, the battle of the best of the best fighters. Will Manny Pacquiao beat Ricky Hatton as he knocked out the Golden Boy? Or will Ricky Hatton kill Pacquiao with his super strong punches and agile moves? Let’s find out as we watch the Pacquiao Vs Hatton Live Stream Online Free!

A lot of live streaming websites will be available on May 3, 2009 in Southeast Asian Countries (May 2, 2009 on US and Canada). We’ll be sharing with you working streaming sites so that we can all enjoy, watch and witness the glorious victory of Manny Pacquiao this coming Sunday. I know I’m too much assuming, but I’m confident that Pacquiao will knock out Hatton on or before the 10th round. Believe me, I’m from the future.

Now this is a great news as all Filipinos around the world is excited to watch this event! Go Manny Pacquiao! This is yet another victory for you and for all the Pinoys!

UPDATE 05/02/09 9:30 AM Eastern Time: Be sure to check this page a few hours before the fight. There are only 11 Hours left before the battle of east and west begins. We’ll be providing a working live streaming link for all of us to enjoy. Just check this page 1 to 2 hours before the main event.

UPDATE 05/02/09 6:30 PM Eastern Time: For instructions to view the Pacquiao Vs Hatton Live Stream free click here. Rest assured that it’s 100% working. There are also alternative channels in case the channel you are viewing cannot accommodate enough audience online. You can also watch it on Pay-Per-View (PPV) by clicking the same link above and check the recommended PPV providers. Good luck!

UPDATE 05/02/09 8:30 PM Eastern Time:The link above was down because of the enormous traffic spike. Here’s a new link for the instructions to watch Pacquiao Vs Hatton Live Stream for free.

UPDATE 05/02/09 8:45 PM Eastern Time: Here’s an alternative source via UStream. Just wait for the Pacquiao Vs Hatton match. The video streams there are introductions only. Rest assured as the battle of east and west starts, the stream below will begin. If it didn’t work, you’re only hope is these instructions. But if the video below works for you, then great!

UPDATE 05/02/09 9:02 PM Eastern Time:Here’s another alternative video source for you, if the Sopcast links and the live stream above didn’t work.


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  2. fellas could anyone give me a link to watch pacman vs hitman fight pl e-mail to


    Comment by sunny — May 4, 2009 #

  3. That was fast and furious for the Hitman to absorb…Pacman was just too strong and too good for him…and glad Pacman has proven to all Boxing fans around d world his defeat of Golden Boy Oscar was no “fluke” at all !! And that of course proves that we Asian are no longer the underdogs in the Boxing arena.

    Comment by Dante — May 4, 2009 #

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