2009: A Brand New Start!

Many things happened in 2008 and those things are a stepping stone to reach greater heights. I’ve learned a lot last year, a lot about SEO, link building, and more stuff related to search engines. I’ve learned more about the MSN search engine algorithm and how it index blogs and include it in their search results. I also learned more about Google and Yahoo search algorithm by experimenting different methods of link building and anchor text tactics.

There’s a lot to learn out there! All you need is to be diligent enough to learn more and more things about SEO. Until now, I still consider myself as an SEO newbie because I have yet a lot to learn about this subject. My knowledge about this things is only mediocre and I think I learn more and more in the coming days. I need to focus and experiment more about these things so that I can make more out of it.

Happy new year to everyone and may you have a fruitful SEO days to come.

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