Steps to Determine Your Invisible Page Rank

I know there were already a lot of articles around the internet regarding this topic. But I just want to share what I know through experience regarding invisible pagerank. Invisible Pagerank is your rank, or how Google loves your website but this measure cannot be seen publicly. Even if your using different Pagerank Checkers, you cannot obtain the invisible PR, simply because it’s invisible. It’s not translucent and obviously not opaque at all.

There are different factors to consider in order to determine your invisible Pagerank. You can check the time spent until your new post was crawled by the magical Google robots, you can check the rank for a specific keyword in different Google datacenters, or you can compare it with your blog that has a public page rank.

So how will you compare? You can compare it by posting something that wasn’t indexed in For example, I’ll post a random string like 34202049APAPBLAOS or anything that you can think of that has 0 results in Google. Enter this string also to another blog with a visible Page Rank. For instance, your other blog has a public PR of 1. If you entered the same strings in both blogs, wait for it to get indexed. If the other blog ranks higher that your PR1 blog, then obviously, the other blog has a higher PR. You can now assume that it’s PR is between 2 above.
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