The Principles of Link Building

Link building is the main factor why search engine optimization exists. Without links, search engine algorithms have no basis of which site or permalink has higher value and vice versa. The number of links that points to one domain is very important in increasing the site rank or page rank in search engine result pages. The more the relevant links that points to a domain, the higher are the chances that the specific domain goes up on search engine pages. However if over linking occurs, there are counters measures from various search engines to identify if the links are relevant or just nonsense.
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To Join or Not to Join

After joining different SEO contests, I realized that I’m wasting my time in joining such. I also realized that I learned a lot from these contests so technically I’m not wasting my time. But after realizing these 2 factors, I have summed them up and had the outcome of concentrating in SEO without competition.

I didn’t say that I’m not up for the challenge. All I want to say is that if you’re up for the money, then joining SEO contests are a waste of time. If you’re up for the challenge, then… it’s worth it. I have concluded that if I applied what I did in my own personal money making post, I’ll make more money than aiming for the first prize in such SEO competitions. Let’s say the grand winner in a specific contest will win $5,000.00 USD. If you have a good keyword and the right SEO skills, you can easily get that whooping 5k USD in less than a month. Rather than joining a 3-month SEO contest and taking the risk to win or lose, why not use your SEO skills for a win-win product rather than a lose-win.

Still, I’ll join just for fun. Yay! I’m not excited to watch the Twilight Movie online for free because I want to watch it in cinemas. Hehehe. I’m not skeptical in reading the book first, because I’m not a book work and I hate reading books.

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