To Join or Not to Join

After joining different SEO contests, I realized that I’m wasting my time in joining such. I also realized that I learned a lot from these contests so technically I’m not wasting my time. But after realizing these 2 factors, I have summed them up and had the outcome of concentrating in SEO without competition.

I didn’t say that I’m not up for the challenge. All I want to say is that if you’re up for the money, then joining SEO contests are a waste of time. If you’re up for the challenge, then… it’s worth it. I have concluded that if I applied what I did in my own personal money making post, I’ll make more money than aiming for the first prize in such SEO competitions. Let’s say the grand winner in a specific contest will win $5,000.00 USD. If you have a good keyword and the right SEO skills, you can easily get that whooping 5k USD in less than a month. Rather than joining a 3-month SEO contest and taking the risk to win or lose, why not use your SEO skills for a win-win product rather than a lose-win.

Still, I’ll join just for fun. Yay! I’m not excited to watch the Twilight Movie online for free because I want to watch it in cinemas. Hehehe. I’m not skeptical in reading the book first, because I’m not a book work and I hate reading books.

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