Android Experience Now A Wrist Away

There are times that even the simple gesture of getting your phone out of your pocket is so time consuming. However, we need to do so because we might miss some important messages or calls. If only everything can be checked just like checking time through our wristwatches.

The mentioned desire has been the inspiration of Sony to make something as convenient as your wristwatch yet as useful as your smartphone thus the birth of SmartWatch. It is a wearable timepiece that allows owners to read their text messages, emails, and social media updates — all from their wrist.

It is connected to your Android phone through bluetooth and whatever update your smartphone gets will be sent to your SmartWatch. It comes in a black rubber strap but there are also other colors like pink, white, mint, gray, and blue for color conscious clients.

The device is made of OLED touch sensitive 1.3 inches screen and whenever someone calling your smartphone it’ll vibrate and diplays notification on the screen.

“With just a tap, touch and swipe, SmartWatch turns from a watch displaying the time to a remote information center for your Android smartphone,” Sony said in a statement.

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