The Dragon will face Shogun in October!

Our favorite UFC fighter Lyoto Machida will face Mauricio Rua this October 2009! This is announced in and is now official! So far, this is the 16 fight of Lyoto Machida and until now, he wasn’t defeated, not even once. Too bad for Rua because he is facing the Dragon. The best UFC fighter so far and the no. 1 light-heavyweight fighter in the world!

This is a sure win for Lyoto Machida, but still, this match is something worth watching. Machida won 5 times in Japan, 2 times in Brazil, once in United Kingdom, and 7 times in the United States. On UFC 104, I’m pretty sure this will be his 8th victory in the US, and 16th overall. I’m really sorry for Rua, really. Rua has already 3 losses, and he will surely be defeated again this October.

It’s really weird why Rua was chosen to face Machida. Is this a fair match? Or the people behind UFC just wants to make money out of Machida? What do you think UFC fans? Will Rua have a chance and stand up for at least 30 seconds? Or will the dragon eat shogun to the bones?


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  1. can wait to see how this dragon eats the shogun!

    Comment by izbadad — August 21, 2009 #

  2. shogun gon sleep dat nigga, foo

    Comment by g mun — September 20, 2009 #

  3. UFC 104 Stream…

    Ultimate Fighting Championship 104 News and Updates…

    Trackback by Anonymous — September 30, 2009 #

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