Twittezens Saved The Life Of A Carjacked Man

At this era, most of us are all eyes on our smartphones or perhaps on our laptops to check our social networking sites. Our day can’t be complete without checking it out.

There are even some users that are sharing almost everything that they’re doing, from the food they’re eating, places they’re visiting and whole a lot more. Being able to have this comfort at this time, there is no doubt that with proper usage, these social networking can be the best tool to solve crimes.

Just like what happened to a man on Johannesburg last Saturday. While on the road, he was stopped by two armed men and forced him to get inside his trunk. He was fortunately carrying his cellphone and texted his girlfriend about what happened. Instead of asking help to the police, she tweeted the incident: “Be on the look for DSS041GP. my boyfriend has just been hijacked and is in the boot please RT [retweet].” One of her friends forwarded the tweet to to @PigSpotter, a Johannesburg-based Twitter user known for posting messages about speed traps and roadblocks set up by local police.

From then on, the tweet reached the authorities and 2 hours later, the car has been found and drove to a roadblock. The carjackers escaped on foot but the man on the trunk was rescued safely.

There are however downsides on this great technology. It can also be a means of spreading scams and harmful information. Everyone should be responsible on everything that they’re sharing.

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