What Do Critics Say About the Sixth Film?

I’ll be having a compilation of Half-Blood Prince Reviews. From this, you will have an overall idea what people say about the latest Harry Potter episode. Will positive reviews emerge more than the negative ones? Or will the critics give a negative reaction about the said movie. Let’s all together watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this coming July 15, 2009 in our favorite cinemas. This movie will also be available in IMAX theaters near you.

The release date of this movie in the Philippines will be on July 16, 2009. You can reserve your tickets now via SureSeats.com, as there are only few seats left. So you better reserve as late as now. Others already reserved their tickets a month ago.

The movie will run for 2 hours and 33 minutes (quite long eh?). I bet it’s another long movie because Harry Potter films were really longer if compared to other films produced by Warner Brothers.

Our compilation of Harry Potter 6 reviews will be posted here after July 16, 2009. So watch out for it! I will also be a self-proclaimed critic on that day and will give me review on this most awaited film. So tune in and let’s all watch this amazing film on its release world wide!

UPDATE 07/16/09: After watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince an hour ago, all I can say is the movie is really great and all HP fans will really love it. It’s amazing and everything was just perfect. I just hate how it ends, because it ends sad… very sad to be precise. But overall, I give it a 9/10 score!

At Rotten Tomatoes, it scored 88% in the Tomatometer. The majority loves the movie, and only a few gave a negative review. Here’s a very quotable negative review that I strongly agree with:
“For non-readers, the films are now borderline incomprehensible, because so much prior knowledge is assumed, but I understand from loyal book readers that, especially in this new film, a great deal of important incident has been deleted. “ – This review is by David Stratton of At The Movies.

We all know that a very important incident has not been included in the movie. However, it still shows the entire story in the book, even if everything wasn’t showed. Some of the most important question have been answered and was shown in the movie. I admit, I really hate the ending. But overall, I love it and I love Harry!

And for the positive side, here’s a quotable review from RT: “The impending magical apocalypse and the agonies of young love get equal time in this fantasy with its roots planted firmly in the realm of real human relationships and experience. “ – This review is by Maitland McDonagh of Miss FlickChick

Her review was a “WOW” and I strongly agree with it.


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  1. i went to the midnight show and to me is the most faithful movie so far, and i love it!
    was really good BUT!
    i was kinda disappointed ‘cuz they didn’t put the FINAL FIGHT SCENE with the death eaters and the Dumbledore’s Army.

    but the movie in a concept was really really good!

    Comment by Emily Evans — July 15, 2009 #

  2. not only the fighting scene is not in the movie, the whole Bill-Fleur thing isn’t in it!!!:O
    and rufus scrimegour or however he’s called doesn’t come to screen and Dobby and Kreacher aren’t even mentioned either! what?!

    but then again, if i am honnest, it is a good movie. i totally agree with the negative review, but it was nice to watch and i can’t wait for it to come to dvd!

    Comment by coco — July 17, 2009 #

  3. after almost a year of postponement and waiting, the movie is finally out! it was really good! yates did a really good job. there were some important details that were missed out, though. but that’s okay because movies from books don’t really go exactly the same way as the book. i was a bit disappointed because there was no fight scene between the death eaters and the DA & teachers. and i was really expecting a funeral. unfortunately, there wasn’t one. anyhoo, it’s a movie worth watching!

    Comment by Cheyenne Tongco — July 17, 2009 #

  4. The movie is a total chaos…. To me the movie is very unsatisfactory.. Well if I may suggest it is better if the harry potter were done just like the tv series jumong where there were no omission for I really think this movie is like a place in a havoc. This is not a movie at all but a video clips…. Wasted time and effort. Is there any director out there who could fallow how columbus did in the harry potter 1 and 2. harry potter 1 and 2 is the movie. Harry potter 3 to 6 is not a movie it’s a video clips… Well those who did’nt yet watch the movie better dont. I advise you to reread na lang the book and make your own movie dont. I really hate how the director messed a very wonderful story. I’m very sorry for the cast for just get very small piece of the cake…..

    Comment by Columbus — July 20, 2009 #

  5. To me I got a migraine when I watched the movie… I really really really want to hit the screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Holy shit unbelievable. I suggest for the director to resign immediately else harry potter 7 will be a disaster!!!!. Did nobody told the director how lousy he is since the he directed harry potter… I really love columbus. Harry potter 1 and 2 are one in a billion. Could I suggest for the director of lord of the ring to do the harry potter 7…..

    Comment by Hagrid — July 20, 2009 #

  6. to be honest… I hate the movie.. Let’s get real all of you guys. The movie is a perfect mistake. Let columbus direct the harry potter 7. If it is only possible to remake the harry potter 5 and 6. Remake it please!!!!!!! Let us not destroy a very good story…. Give justice to the book… Don’t make your own version please….I really don’t know how to express the disdain and disappointment I felt when I watch the movie. Terrible…… Guys out there share your piece to this chaotic movie….. eh eh I agree to columbus video clips….

    Comment by rowling — July 20, 2009 #

  7. the movie gets darker and darker. well maybe in harry potter 7 would be held in radio. in movie 6 I can’t see a thing all are shadows. Isn’t it possible to portray the gripping of dark side in a broad day light. I watch horror movies and I can see them clearly. In this movie watch the words hahahahaahahah

    Comment by Fangs — July 20, 2009 #

  8. You can watch this for free online at Uncensoring dot com theres a lot of sites that have you fill out a survey like this one does but this is the only one out there that actually offers anything.

    Comment by kimmey — July 21, 2009 #

  9. well… the movie just start without letting harry potter in the movie experienced when he felt so alone.. because no letters from dumbledore cam.. duhhh.. it’s just im qiute disappointed with movie.. im imagining of it as a very fantastic.. but i guess i was wrong.. but if ill rate it. it’s not that bad.. and a must see movie still.. as a fan of the book of harry potter and the half blood prince i had disappointments.. that maybe in the last part the director will made it more fun.. very adventurous.. because the last book is emo, and besides of that is very interesting.. i hope this comment won’t hurt anyone.. hehehehe.. peace…

    Comment by ShearaMariz — July 31, 2009 #

  10. http://www.parantar.com/2008/10/watch-harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-prince-movie-online-free/

    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at Parantar!

    Comment by parantar — August 21, 2009 #

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