Pacquiao will surely win this November!

One of the most awaited boxing match this November 2009 is about to begin in less than 48 hours. This fight is not that exciting compared to Manny Pacquiao’s previous match. Manny Pacquiao had the edge and is far more stronger and faster than Miguel Cotto. Surveys said that Manny Pacquiao will surely win this match.

The only thing that the surveys were not sure of is in what round will Manny Pacquiao knock out Miguel Cotto. Other predicted that Cotto will be knocked out in Round 1, while others said that Miguel Cotto cannot stand against Pacquiao and will be knocked out after a few seconds in the first round. There are also rumors that Miguel Cotto will survive the first round and will reach the second round.

That’s why many people tend to Watch Pacquiao Vs Cotto Live Stream Online Free, because they are pretty sure that Pacquiao will win this match and they don’t want to waste money to watch it in Pay Per View.

There’s a lot of free live streaming websites in the world wide web. We will also live stream Pacquiao Vs Cotto online for free. So stay put and wait for more updates about the Firepower Match! Manny Pacquiao Vs Miguel Cotto live streaming online for free!

Click Here for the instructions of how to watch Pacquaio Vs Cotto Live Stream online for free via SopCast.

After the live stream, we’ll be posting Pacquiao Vs Cotto fight video and replay video. So stay tuned!


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  3. Pacman

    Comment by Andrew — November 15, 2009 #

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  5. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN FOR THE WORKING LIVE STREAM. I’m really happy that you didn’t disappoint me. I promise to return on this website soon.

    – Gregorio from Puerto Rico

    Comment by Gregorio — November 15, 2009 #

  6. […] As predicted, Manny Pacquiao won, and he won via knock out on Round 12. He is now the only boxer with 7 world titles in 7 weight divisions. This is just awesome! Really! He made history in the world of boxing and he is undeniably the best boxer in planet earth! Pacquiao defeated former WBO welterweight champion Miguel Ángel Cotto of Puerto Rico by technical knockout in the 12th round, at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. Pacquiao then gave Arum the go signal to arrange the fight after Cotto won a hard-fought decision against Joshua Clottey at Madison Square Garden in New York City. […]

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  7. watch replays of fight, highlights of fight, full fight, and hbo 24/7 series

    Comment by pacman — November 15, 2009 #

  8. I say get an education. Become an electrician, a mechanic, a doctor, a lawyer — anything but a fighter. In this trade, it’s the managers that make the money and last the longest. With that said congratulations to Pacquiao. Here’s another piece of valuable information I found.

    Comment by billy37 — November 16, 2009 #

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