Robots or Megan Fox? You Choose!

This is one of the most awaited movies this year and will be released world wide on June 24, 2009! This day is the day that all of us have been waiting for! Starring Shia Labeouf and our lovely Megan Fox. And oh, this sequel already premiered yesterdayat the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, distributed by Paramount Pictures and its running time is 147 minutes or 2 hours and 27 minutes! Wow that was long!

This will surely be another hit and I know that a lot of Transformer fans are waiting for it! One of the greatest attractions on this sequel are not the robots, but the boobs of Megan Fox. This hot girl will show as many times how big her breasts are. There are many Megan Fox movie stills that was present online and the reason why people keeps on coming back to watch this movie is no one but Megan.

That’s just based on the survey. A lot of movie goers was amazed on the movie, but not the movie itself, but the sexy girl on the movie. Megan Fox is really hot and I bet everybody loves her! If you have an opportunity to choose, will you choose to Watch Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Online for Free or watch Megan Fox as she… you know, just imagine anything that she’ll do in front of you and she will do it. What will you choose? I bet the latter.

So again, if you have this very rare chance to choose who you want to be with if you were thrown in the world where there are no people, no living things, only you and the one you choose. Of course, this world is a new world where people can live and start a new life, you have enough of everything you need to survive, enough food, water, oxygen and everything that you and the one you choose need. Who do you choose to be with if you have this very rare opportunity? Megan Fox or one of the Transformers?

And oh, if you want to watch Transformers 2 in cinemas, here’s a nifty tutorial of how to buy tickets online via Paypal. You should reserve your Transformers 2 tickets now before it’s too late. There were only a few seats left!

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